Adult cam stranger

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The popular halftime segment Kiss Cam is meant to highlight adoring couples in the crowd as they watch their favorite sports games.

While some parents focus on the idea of “stranger danger” with their kids, Norton says her family chose to teach their kids about “tricky people” — a way of identifying dangerous people created by Pattie Fitzgerald, founder of Safely Ever After, an educational company dedicated to the prevention of childhood sexual abuse.

Norton, who blogs at Time Well Spent, wrote about how the “tricky people” concept saved her two oldest boys, then ages 10 and 8, from potential abduction.

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The two locked lips and smiled, sending the crowd into convulsions of laughter.

When the boyfriend realizes what's amiss, he stormed off, but couldn't help but smile as he does so, leading some to believe he may have been in on the prank.

He seems completely unbothered, shaking her off and continuing to look down at his beverage.

In the emergency room with a ruptured ovarian cyst, Norton asked a neighbor to pick her boys up from a bench outside of the hospital and drive them to school.

"Empowering our kids with the knowledge and strategies they need to keep themselves safe is not important in today's world -- it's critical," said Norton.

She looks exasperated as we walks away - but the duo's reactions were far from realistic.

As parents to four young children, it’s always been important to Jodie Norton and her husband, Bennett, to teach their kids about staying safe.

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