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The foundation of Kairouan dates to about the year 670 when the Arab general Uqba ibn Nafi of Amir Muauia selected a site in the middle of a dense forest, then infested with wild beasts and reptiles, as the location of a military post for the conquest of the West.

Formerly, the city of Kamounia was located where Kairouan now stands.

In 745, Kharijite Berbers captured Kairouan, which was already at that time a developed city with luxuriant gardens and olive groves.

Power struggles continued until Ibrahim ibn al-Aghlab recaptured Kairouan at the end of the 8th century.

The principal USAF unit on base is the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing (386 AEW).

Significant bomb damage to a HAS incurred during the first Persian Gulf War in 1991.

In 800 Caliph Harun ar-Rashid in Baghdad confirmed Ibrahim as Emir and hereditary ruler of Ifriqiya.

Ali Al Salem Air Base (ICAO: OKAS) is a military airbase situated in Kuwait, approximately 23 miles from the Iraqi border.This article is about the pan-Arab Ba'ath Party, which is Iraqi-led but has branches in multiple countries.For the Ba'ath Party's regional branch established in 1951, see Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party – Iraq Region.It had housed a Byzantine garrison before the Arab conquest, and stood far from the sea – safe from the continued attacks of the Berbers who had fiercely resisted the Arab invasion.Berber resistance continued, led first by Kusaila, whose troops killed Uqba at Biskra about fifteen years after the establishment of the military post, and then by a Berber woman called Al-Kahina who was killed and her army defeated in 702.Bomb damage caused by precision guided "bunker busting" munitions was still visible 15 years after the liberation of Ali Al Salem.In 1990, the base was the last to be overrun during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.In 1966, the original Ba'ath Party was split in half; one half was led by the Damascus leadership of the Ba'ath Party which established a party in Syria, and the other half with its leadership in Baghdad.Both Ba'ath parties retained the same name and maintained parallel structures in the Arab world, but became so antagonistic that Syria — led by its Ba'ath party — became the only Arab state to support Iran against Iraq during the bloody Iran–Iraq War.The airfield is owned by the Government of Kuwait, and during Operation Southern Watch and Operation Telic / Operation Iraqi Freedom hosted Royal Air Force (RAF), United States Air Force (USAF) and United States Marine Corps (USMC) personnel and aircraft.Since those operations, the base has been returned to the control of the Kuwaiti Government, with the USAF continuing to maintain a presence alongside their Kuwait Air Force counterparts.

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