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The family structure and traditions that seem to be taken from a page out of history, have remained an integral part of the Amish culture. They have an unwritten blueprint for Amish living called the Ordnung that guides them through all the details of everyday life.To us, these rules might seem extremely legalistic.

Levi Schwartz, however, was losing faith in the church's method of punishment.When its members live together, work together, worship together and socialize together, the Amish family is made stronger.The Marriage Relationship The Amish family is traditionally farming based.According to historical records, the Amish emigrated to Pennsylvania in the 1800’s in order to find a rural place to set up their communities without the interference of urban growth and development.A recent study has shown that the sect has grown in population to 227,000 from 165,000 in the year 2000.As leader of the family, the man makes all the major decisions in regard to the family, farm, and household.The Amish marriage ceremony directs the bride to be submissive to her husband.In 1989 Schwartz started molesting one of his daughters.He kissed the girl, rubbed her, and bared himself to her until she grew old enough to date, and then he moved on to her younger sister.Of course marriage is a partnership so the degree to which the husband includes his wife in the decision making process varies from family to family.What comes to mind when you think of the word “Amish?

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