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Since we launched in September 2006, you’ve watched a walloping 54,378,760 TV adverts. It's this capacity to develop deep emotional connections with the media consumer that first compelled us to create telly Ads - but we're not just collectors of TV ads; we take an active role in encouraging the creation of new TV ads, offering advice on what makes a great TV creative, as well as putting budding advertisers in touch with the right TV advertising production agencies.

Popular dating website has apologised for an advertisement campaign in which red hair and freckles were described as "imperfections".

The viewership of television programming, as measured by companies such as Nielsen Media Research, is often used as a metric for television advertisement placement, and consequently, for the rates which broadcasters charge to advertisers to air within a given network, television program, or time of day (called a "daypart").

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The Advertising Standards Board deemed the scene unnecessary, saying there is 'no requirement' for the woman to be holding the bat and agreed with complaints which claimed it suggests resorting to violence or an affair is acceptable.

Every now and then, an advert comes along that you just can't get out of your head.

Good or bad, funny or cringe-worthy, these commercials stay in the memory long after they have stopped showing on the television. From 70s classics to unforgettable modern-day masterpieces, here are some of the most memorable adverts of all time.

But for others something more purposeful is required.

So how have people over the centuries used changing technology to find somebody to love?

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