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I'm Lesley Murphy, a travel journalist and TV personality currently based out of an overweight suitcase who travels the world for a living.

I write, I photograph, I live on airplanes (and for better or for worse, live on airplane food), and I love discovering what makes a destination tick.

But when he opened the door, I heard another girl giggling in the background.

I pushed past him and saw a girl looking cozy on the couch.

Then I worked briefly in PR and left to run the site,” she told Racked in June.After graduating from UGA with a double major in Broadcast News and Psychology, I tried to get a job as a reporter, anchor, camera operator, anything.Not exactly willing to live in a small market, I then switched gears and started a life in politics. I was fired up about the red, white and blue during my two years there, and I forever will be no matter what country I’m visiting.The benefits of blogging are many, and, at this point, they’re fairly well known.Almost any small business owner can rattle off the reasons to have one — a blog is great for SEO, it’s a good way for your clients get to know you, they can be a helpful resource for your small business, and they can help build and support a strong community.I decided to stop by his house under the false pretenses of giving back his stuff, but in reality, I was hoping he would take one look at me, pull me into his arms, and give me a movie star kiss.I wore my tightest bodycon dress and took extra time on my hair. I'll be writing each week about my relationship with my boyfriend, Troy.He's an actor/musician and our relationship is pretty crazy, but I vow to be totally honest with you, writing about the good got together at my junior prom.I was furious, but instead of letting my anger get the best of me, I held myself together and introduced myself.Keeping my cool worked to my advantage because a couple weeks later, Troy called me and said he wanted to get back together.

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