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He seemed to know the answer to everything and went about his job with a smile on his face.Coming out of high school, medicine was the only career that I wanted to pursue.To be sure, running such a training program takes a certain amount of stamina and skin-thickening to handle the yearly transition.

A bad first date For Alison, the night of her seizure is a blur. "It wasn't really a date." They treaded side-by-side on the elliptical machines and talked.Cincinnati (CNN) -- As he cradled his wife's limp body in his arms, Tim Delgado told himself, "You have to do this." The fate of Alison, his wife, best friend and medical school classmate, depended on it.His usually steady hands quivered as he held her pale face steady and fumbled with the tools that could save her life. Through tears, he said, "I'm sorry, babe." Then, he stabbed her neck. She gurgled in pain and weakly clawed at the tracheotomy tube that pierced her throat.As a senior in medical school, I wanted to continue travelling and I did just that.Over a two-year period I was able to explore the US while doing my clinical rotations in five different states and eight hospitals.Internship -- the famous first year of doctor-hood -- is the forge upon which every doctor develops their knowledge, skill, and bedside manner.I will explore the emotional travails of internship and bring you a better understanding of the training process for doctors in the United States. Twenty new interns have undergone more than a week of orientation, getting their ID badges and passwords; learning where to eat, rest, and find scrubs in the hospital.My love for travelling and curiosity for exploration led me to an international college in South India.I was able to immerse myself into a new culture and way of living while learning about medicine.They've been talked at for hours upon hours about residency and hospital policies, the importance of remembering to sleep, and how not to accidentally stick themselves with needles.They are eager to get to work, to become Is it true that July is the worst time to be a patient in a hospital?

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