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With the new Legion expansion, the game gets a fresh new coat of paint, and it looks better than ever!The benchmarks are taken at the highest graphical settings, which can crush any PC.Instead of running World of Warcraft at maximum, you can choose to go for optimized settings, where visuals are nearly identical to maximum settings, but performance is doubled.Whether or not my other half exists remains to be seen, Ok..anyone that has been keeping tabs on how thing are going..... I'm just waiting for the ex to sign the papers for the divorce. Comic books, video games and other self-described “geeky” interests have gone mainstream. In fact, geeks are cool, and most have no problem getting dates.So, what’s the best way geeks can meet other geeks?Our scientific matching system will comparing your profile with millions of other geeks and get you a date with someone who gets you! Traditional dating sites don't get it, but on Gk2Gk we help you make sense of the dating world, and simplify your love search. Our community of geeks, nerds, and assorted dorks, is weirder than your local comic book hangout.So, put your Dragon Age and Wo W game on pause, and just join. Let us help you find an awesome date to take to the next Comic-Con.We will take a look at how well different PC tiers play World of Warcraft at various resolutions, then review the game's settings and the impact that they have on the game.If you just want to know what to buy without all the in-depth analysis, you can skip to the conclusion. A Note About Frame Rate (FPS) Higher Resolution for Better Gaming Hardware Requirements Game Settings Choosing the Best Settings for World of Warcraft Logical Increments Tiers and How They Fare Conclusion About Us Sources At, we recommend hardware for PC builds.

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