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The dating sim engine provides a framework for creating dating-sim style games.

It consists of two parts: A day planner that lets the user pick classes of events that occur during the day, and an event manager that chooses which events should be presented to the user. The soft keyboard engine provides a software keyboard allows the user to input text by clicking on the keys displayed on the screen.

In the past we’ve held writing contests to showcase your stories, but now we’re trying something new by offering a short post series to teach and/or lead you to other resources about some basics on writing and fanfiction.

Many video games can categorized as one kind of Simulation or another; a First Person Shooter game like Goldeneye could be seen as a simulation of a spy experience or a Driving Game like Grand Theft Auto could be a simulation of experiencing an urban environment from a car.

We also know a lot of you have AMAZING stories to tell!

And we want to help you share your epic tales with the world (if you so choose to, of course).

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A framework is a set of Ren'Py script files that adds large amounts of new functionality to Ren'Py.

Genres we do not include: An action-adventure combines elements of the adventure game genre with various action game elements.

It is perhaps the broadest and most diverse genre in gaming, but typically includes the fast pace and quick reflexes of action while telling a story similar to adventure.

A genre is a style of game-play that defines what you can expect in terms of controls, rules, or challenges.

When creating the genres for VGG we used those that are widely accepted and recognized by the industry and gaming community.

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