Dating the metta sutta langru

Parayana Vagga Its Antiquity The Vatthu Gatha Uraga Vagga Culla and Maha Vaggas Vol.2.1,1977,pp.l4-41: The Uraga Sutta The Khaggavisana Sutta The Muni Sutta Vol.2.2, 1977, pp.86-105: The Parabhava Sutta The Vasala Sutta The Mahamangala Sutta The Metta Sutta The Ratana Sutta Vol.2.3, 1977, pp.141-58: The Yakkha Ballads Hemavata Sutta Alavaka and Suciloma Suttas The Yakkha-legend (Alavaka) External Evidence The Pastoral Ballads Dhaniya Sutta Language and Syntax Style Metre Doctinal Developments External Evidence Kasibharadvaja Sutta External Evidence Vol.3.1,1978,pp.3-19: The Narrative Ballads Pabbajja Sutta Padhana Sutta Nalaka Sutta External Evidence The Nalaka-dsicourse Vol.3.2, 1978, pp.45-64: Some Suttas from the Atthaga Vagga Kama Sutta The Atthakas Jara Sutta Magandhiya Sutta Pucchas from the Parayana Vagga Ajitamanavaka-Puccha Linguistic and other Internal Evidence The Other Puchas The Apadana and Sixteen Manavas Reference in other works Vol 3.3, 1978, pp.100-113: General Observations and Conclusions Vedic and Dialectic Variations Conclusions Postcript are treated as independent articles. names of persons, localities, titles, and the like, each person, locality, title being treated as independent article. A comparison of the linguistic peculiarities of the various parts of the Sutta Nipdta with Vedic, the language of the Brdhmanas, Pali of the got/id-literature, Canonical prose, and Classical Sanskrit helps in some degree to fix the relative dates of the suttas.

Jayawikrama A series of articles from the Pali Buddhist Review Vol.1.2, 1976, pp.75-90: Criteria for the Analysis of the Sutta Nipata The Sutta Nipata: Its Title and Form Vol.1.3, 1976, pp.136-63: The Vaggas of the Sutta Nipata Asoka's Bhabru Edict The Atthaka Vagga Other References in Buddhist Sanskrit Works The Chinese Arthapadam Astaka Varga or Arthaka Varga? This practically covers the whole field of linguistic evidence that can be gleaned in the Sutta Nipdta.

Professor Alsdorf is no doubt the most competent scholar for the work. Q.— the Indian Historical Quarterly (Calcutta, 1925-63) M—Majjhima Nikaya (PTS, 4 vols. The Atthaka and the Parayana Vaggas preserve, on the whole, older composi- tions. 76 ■ Other internal evidence consists of metre and style, doctrinal develop- ments and ideology, and social conditions.

Sometimes the walkers found themselves caught up in long lines of refugees, footsore like them, trudging alongside ox-carts and bicycles piled high with mattresses and pans and live chickens.

- the following are the sutras that we have printed for Buddhist communities in the region who do not have the financial means to do so.

We would like to thank our supporters for their generosity all these years.

If there is no present form of a verb, the entry word is put in brackets. All indeclinable words, pronouns, numerals, original roots are treated independently. (for Samyuttanikaya), A (for Anguttaranikayd), Dp (for Dhammapadd), Mp (for Manor athapuran'i) Ps (for Papancasudani, Mhv (for Mahavamsa), Dhs (for Dhammasangant), Mhv-t (for Mahavamsa-tika), and the like. It has been already stressed that the importance of linguistic data should not be over-estimated, for, these alone without other corroborative evidence are not of very great value.

The names of the texts quoted are given in abbreviated forms, e. Different editions are indicated as E e (for Roman edition); C e (for Sinhalese edition); B e (for Burmese edition) S e (for Siamese edition). This apart, there are some typographical and other rules (regarding signs, symbols, technicalities, etc.) which we would not mention here to bore the readers of this article any more. Alsdorf the CPD work has been running smoothly for the last few years. — Sacred Books of the East series Sn— Suttanipata (PTS, 1913, 1965) Sn A I— Suttanipata Commentary I (PTS, 1916, 1966) Th. 2—Therlgatha (PTS, 1883, 1966) The Criteria for the Analysis of the Sutta Nipata 1 The Sutta Nipata contains older and younger material side by side. the side of protracted forms, but also some unusual (sometimes old) forms and words. More definite conclusions can be drawn when they are supported by other internal and external evidence.

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