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However, it is important that you and your partner are able to share your sexual fantasies with each other.Even though your sex life might be amazing, sharing sexual fantasies and eventually acting it out (granted that you are comfortable with them and these fantasies are, so to speak, "socially acceptable") can take your sex life to even greater heights.Here’s how to get over your fear of sharing your sexual fantasies.You are normal Don’t think that your fantasies are way too weird or are not normal.These practices will help keep your union in a happy, healthy place. Act Out of Character Couples develop a particular dynamic: the way they relate to each other that repeats itself over and over.

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Some people even find it easier to talk about sexual fantasies with their buddies or gal pals.

I recommend taking her somewhere that ideally • shows a part of who you are • is somewhere that no one has probably taken her before (and is safe enough) • can give you the chance to be together…alone…and where the mood can be more..sensual.

Based on that, what do you think would work better: A dinner at a fancy restaurant? A fancy restaurant (even for your typical Asian woman with regards to her culture) will implicitly tell her that you're a safe guy who wants to provide for her.

Get in Touch a Lot No doubt you hug and kiss each other hello and maybe snuggle a little after having sex.

But simple acts like stroking his arm while you're watching TV, taking his hand when you're walking down the street, or fondling his thigh during dinner are also ways to bond.

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