Dating vintage radios

When cabinet material or color differences are apparent or suspected in donated photos, I have included additional photos of certain model numbers.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 12pm to 5pm Saturday 12pm to 5pm While we endevour to be there at those times, please email or text to make sure someone is there.

By your fourth radio you will be considered a “collector” and will be hooked!

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Radios, you simply tap into the volume power, first ground the guitar, then touch the positive ( hot ) on the back of the volume potentiometer till you find the correct lead with either a volt meter or a guitar cable spliced and strumming it while in your lap.I hope you find it interesting and that you will let me know of any errors and useful information to add.Note that this page relates mainly to valve (or tube) radios, if you have a transistor radio it would have been made after 1954, but much more likely to be after 1960.With it's distinct, raunchy, snarly out of control raw tone that most would consider "terrible," but it goes absolutely perfect with early Rock and electric Blues.In truth they almost always have a slight hiss, speaker and body rattle or volume breakup due to the age of the speaker or transistors. If you wondering why would you want to take a cheap radio and turn it into a guitar amp, there are many reasons, they are really cheap to buy, the enjoyment of listening to something "retro" that you have brought back to life, but most important is the vintage tone.They usually will sound so polar opposite of a quality well built guitar amp that it has an allure all its own.Such areas include vintage radios from the 1920s, bakelite mantel sets, military or commercial equipment or accessories such as speakers, morse keys or microphones.Most members also have some vintage test equipment either for use when working on older sets or just collecting it.Some transceivers are also sought, especially vintage amateur or military equipment.There is of course a wide interest in Australian sets, which effectively ceased manufacture by the 1970s, but those from overseas are also collected.

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