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Hackers and nerds have talked about this issue for years.

The idea that there is no such thing as real security so long as corporations put in back doors for agencies like the NSA to have access to people's information at will. By now, you're probably aware that Pakistan's government banned youtube because of depictions that were being spread on Mohammad, a taboo in the Muslim world.

As social networking grows and user reputation becomes ...

He is an amazing trainer and the harder he pushed, the harder I worked, too embarrassed to tell him that I was barely able to get through the workout, however, by the end of the work-out I almost passed out on the floor and had to sit down and put my head down on a table to compose myself.

I recall him slyly asking during this time, “do I need to call your husband to come and get you?

Does Augusta have alot of interracial couples in the area?

Do you see many interracial couples out while your in the city?

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