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All of our staff are fully qualified teachers and assessors and have many years of hands on experience in the electrical trade. This site is to familiarize you with a few basic characteristics of Japanese culture and behavior that the westerner will encounter.

Those that can recognize and deal with the differences in Japanese attitudes will adapt faster, get better jobs, and have a more positive experience living in Japan.There are many reactions and attitudes that Japanese will give off -- many of them the typical westerner would ordinarily not pick up on.But if you come to Japan and want to have better relations, as well as a better understanding of how many Japanese people think and perceive you, there are a lot of key items you should be aware of. That, of course, is fine -- you're entitled to your own views, no matter what anybody else says.If you go the route of coding the Departments as OPERS, SALES, ADMIN you will have made more work for yourself because the default sort will be alphabetically ADMIN, OPERS, and SALES.Zimbali Lodge hotel overlooks the incredible Indian Ocean and is surrounded by lush vegetation and beautiful indigenous gardens.Without a well-designed Chart of Accounts you run the risk of investing significant resources into a system without delivering the pay-off of decision supporting analytics and reports.If you have ever found yourself spending hours or even days preparing an Excel spreadsheet for a department manager you will understand the advantage of capturing key information at source.An elegant resort where spacious dramatic triple-volume...This beautiful 3 bedroom Zimbali self catering holiday home offers excellent value for money.Do not feel that you will ever have to completely understand the Japanese, since the Japanese don't completely understand themselves either.: Japan has a lot of positive traits, and a lot of negative ones also.You'll find Japan captivating, bewildering, enchanting, enraging, humorous, frustrating, loose, uptight, accomodating, and anal-retentive -- sometimes all at the same time.

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