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Do I create chatroom objects from the Firebase base reference, and assign the chatroom both users, and plug in the chatroom's key into both users?

This approach doesn't require keeping track of what rooms a user is in and ensures that the same two (or more) users always end up in the same room.This means Picto Chat does not block messages from strangers.You can use parental controls to block access to the Picto Chat application.It's almost like MSN except it doesn't reach as far.You can erase your drawings and writing with the touch Screen.Pictochat is a way of talking to each other on Pictochat.It has its Pros and Cons, but my biggest complaint is how far it can reach.I have tried with my friend a few doors down, but guess what? I admit it's helpful sometimes, on maybe a long bus trip where your not close, but your close enough you can do Pictochat.If yuo are close enough, it can be a great way to talk.The Pictochat works fine and is good if you are in separate rooms and you want to talk, but like I said, it can barely reach anywhere.Nintendo said it could reach up to 65 Feet which isn't a very big length.

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