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It works with RSS 0.90, 0.91, 0.92, 0.93, 0.94, 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0. To use it, simply enter the address of your feed and click Validate.

If the validator finds any problems in your feed, it will give you messages for each type of problem and highlight where the problem first occurs in your feed.

These files all start with the same image, but one is an unblurred original and the others are blurred to various degrees by an image editor program.

The blurring is uniform throughout the image (unlike most consumer digital cameras, which have nonuniform processing: sharpening (high frequency boots) near edges; noise reduction (lowpass filtering) in their absence). Both the sine and slanted edges in the test pattern were created digitally.

It validates RSS feeds against the rules defined in the RSS 2.0 specification.

Although this standard is well-established in industry, we often receive questions regarding its validity.These functions check the validity of a UK postcode specified by the supplied parameter. The definition of a valid postcode has been taken from the official specification, and from the list of BFPO codes.The functions also take into account which letters are valid in the various positions.If the parameter is a valid postcode, the function returns it correctly formatted - uppercase and with a space between the inward part and the output parts. If you're unsure what a message means, click the "help" link next to the message for a fuller explanation.Despite its relatively simple nature, RSS is poorly implemented by many tools.We will cover a few samples like validating e-mail address and URLs later. Here we will name it check_input and simply call this function whenever we need to validate simple input data: Note the check_input function at the bottom.What it does is takes the data passed to the function, strips unwanted characters (extra space, tab, newline) from the beginning and end of the data using the PHP trim() function, strips any quotes escaped with slashes and passes it through htmlspecialchars().Log Name: Microsoft-Windows-Windows Update Client/Operational Source: Microsoft-Windows-Windows Update Client Date: Event ID: 25 Task Category: Windows Update Agent Level: Error Keywords: Failure, Check for Updates User: SYSTEM Computer: XXXXX Description: Windows Update failed to check for updates with error 0x80072ee2.%windir%12-02-26 :473 928 5ec AU Triggering AU detection through Detect Now API 2012-02-26 :473 928 5ec AU Triggering Online detection (interactive) 2012-02-26 :473 928 a3c AU ############# 2012-02-26 :473 928 a3c AU ## START ## AU: Search for updates 2012-02-26 :473 928 a3c AU ######### 2012-02-26 :488 928 a3c AU ## RESUMED ## AU: Search for updates [Call Id = ] 2012-02-26 :338 928 b90 AU # WARNING: Search callback failed, result = 0x80072EE2 2012-02-26 :338 928 b90 AU # WARNING: Failed to find updates with error code 80072EE2 2012-02-26 :338 928 b90 AU ######### 2012-02-26 :338 928 b90 AU ## END ## AU: Search for updates [Call Id = ] 2012-02-26 :338 928 b90 AU ############# 2012-02-26 :338 928 b90 AU Successfully wrote event for AU health state:0 2012-02-26 :338 928 b90 AU AU setting next detection timeout to 2012-02-26 2012-02-26 :338 928 b90 AU Successfully wrote event for AU health state:0 2012-02-26 :338 928 b90 AU Successfully wrote event for AU health state:0 2012-02-26 :345 928 b44 Report REPORT EVENT: 2012-02-26 :338 0200 1 148 101 0 80072ee2 Automatic Updates Failure Software Synchronization Windows Update Client failed to detect with error 0x80072ee2.2012-02-26 :361 928 b44 Report CWERReporter:: Handle Events – WER report upload completed with status 0x8 2012-02-26 :361 928 b44 Report WER Report sent: 7.5.7601.17514 0x80072ee2 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 Scan 101 Unmanaged 2012-02-26 :361 928 b44 Report CWERReporter finishing event handling.

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