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Resist-X is a daily SMS and email service that provides you information about protests, rallies and demonstrations going on in your area each day. C on a weekly basis and New York on a daily and weekly basis.

In New York, it’s email and text, but in DC and Dallas it’s just email.

As casually as if he were picking a piece of fluff from my shoulder, Robert Lenkiewicz let slip the disconcerting news that we were not alone in his library.

Just behind me, in a long wooden box on top of a piano, lay the skeleton of Ursula Kemp, a 16th-century midwife who was hanged for witchcraft and nailed into her coffin.

Personal blocks: Quick to run away from commitment, but mad when people do the same thing to her.

3 a.m.: Get a text from the guy I lost my virginity to when I was 18. 8 p.m.: Get a message from one of them, and it doesn’t start with ‘; P’.I prefer to conceal my revolting corpse as effectively as possible."Back in his do-gooding days, when he collected down-and-outs as other people collect postage stamps, to preserve and to study, he housed a total of 700 tramps in nine Plymouth warehouses.When one of them, named Diogenes, died, Lenkiewicz upset the city's environmental health department by having his friend's body preserved "like a large paperweight", as the two men had agreed, and then hiding it from the authorities.Since forming Teenage Jesus and The Jerks in 1976, Lydia Lunch – the multimedia poet, writer, actress, and all-round embittered speaker of truths – has long chronicled the primitive delinquencies of men. I can’t imagine you filling out an Internet profile, ever. I came back because ecstasy is at the mouth of the volcano. I’ve been talking about this bullshit since Reagan. That’s the period when there were a lot of great rock bands that had some weirdness that made them unique.Lunch wasn’t simply a product of New York City’s late-70s No Wave scene – she was one of its true visionaries; and she has stampeded through the decades with an anti-commercial outlook. A numerical came out yesterday saying eight men in the world own more than half the fucking population. Even after spending time with you, I haven’t really decoded what your weirdness is.NYU students are typically busy people – most of us are tackling four classes, jobs, internships and maybe even confusing and complicated love-lives.But if you’re NYU Junior Sara Nason, you’re probably looking for another, more appropriate word to describe just quite how busy your semester has been.She’s also sunk her teeth in to music production, having recently assisted self-deprecating US sludge-punks Pissed Jeans with their new album, . Reflecting on the process in this conversation for Crack Magazine, Lydia spoke with Pissed Jeans frontman Matt Korvette to discuss the Internet age, the rotten condition of US politics and the concept of the non-mono-gender. , you actually adapt the insecurity most women have about any part of their body. I was at the emergency protest for the first Muslim ban at the Federal Court House in Brooklyn and I turned to my friend Arsh and said – “There should be a text service for this…somebody should send out texts letting you know about the emergency protests going on” and I didn’t think I had the skills to code and API myself (which I found out the next night). So it’s interesting because I have to call myself a CEO when I walk in a lot of rooms and people ask “Oh, what else do you do?But he texted me the next day and was like, “We should do it! I didn’t really realize what kind of service we were providing until hundreds of people had signed up and I thought “Oh, you actually want this! ” and I go “well, I’m a full-time student, I don’t know what else you want from me!

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