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Virtual Currency: One of our unique features is our virtual currency and gift system.Simply spending time in the chatroom generates free coins, which you can then use to purchase virtual gifts like condoms, vibrators and dildos.

A private message will pop up on their screen, while a "whisper", will show up in the chat room text but only be displayed the person you target.

Hot horny mature MILFS seriously sexy will do anything. After contacting our nasty kinky bitches your secret fetish desires will be fulfilled - utterly hardcore xxx-rated horny.

Phone or Text for Dominatrix, femdom, mistresses kinky live chat and fetish text sex. Text Chat 89099: You will receive up to a max of 3 replies (3x £1.50 msg) one of which maybe picture(s). Help 02 LSL 18 ONLY We reserve the right to send promotional messages to users.

Well hit me up if you want to just bullshit or have fun I'm happy to have the company either way. and i love to experiment with lots of things and ill try just about anything (as long as it doesnt hurt...

Hey used to be on here under the same name but apparently my account got deleted.

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