Going to school in a nudist camp

First time visitors to Forest Hills Club discover that people really do come in all shapes and sizes and, as far as our bodies are concerned, none of us have anything to hide.

There were jello shots and foam parties and breasts and penises everywhere the eye could see. It felt like some kind of suspended adolescence, some throwback to our wild youth — with the freedom and trust that only comes with age.

The resort had booked us an "erotic massage" as part of our experience. Yes to an overflowing hot tub and too much champagne.

My husband, Rob, and I giggled with embarrassment as we checked the boxes asking the therapists not to touch my clitoris or vagina and his scrotum and penis. What isn't."We were, firmly, a no-swap couple, meaning we wouldn't be having sex with other people. But no to the after-hours hot tub where things got a little too wild for us.

Forest Hills Club is family oriented in its approach to nude recreation, and is proud to have multi generational nudist families among its members.

Forest Hills Club invites you and your family to experience the natural pleasure of social nudity.

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