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"I have a very active imagination, so my worst case scenario was people driving by and taking pot shots at me." Barton and her family moved from Denver to Minnesota in June, after her husband had a series of strokes and had to stop working. But the transition to living in a conservative rural town of less than 200 hasn't been easy.Moving in the middle of a contentious election didn't help.

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He became involved in several businesses and pursued a political career, serving in the Colorado State House of Representatives (1963-64), Colorado State Senate (1965-72), United States Congress from Colorado (1973-79), and U. James Daniel Ball, age 73 of Mesa, Arizona, passed away on February 28, 2015, at Banner Baywood Hospital. He taught broadcasting for 26 years at Minneapolis North High School. He is survived by Eileen (Lee) Ball, wife, Jimmy Wahl, son, Heather-Lea (Darrold) Re-De Gunia, daughter, Marcus Perez, Grandson (son of Jimmy Wahl), J. Wahl, grandson (son of Jimmy Wahl), Danielle Hamilton, grandaughter (daughter of Jimmy Wahl), Jacob Re, grandson (son of Heather-Lea De Gunia), 3 great grandchildren. Gilbert’s passion for movies was reflected in his thoughtful editing of films and television shows for decades.

During the last glacial period, massive ice sheets at least 0.62 miles (1 km) thick ravaged the landscape of the state and sculpted its current terrain.

These glaciers covered all of Minnesota except the far southeast, an area characterized by steep hills and streams that cut into the bedrock.

The population in the winter is under 200 permanent residents, but swells to over 5,000 in the summer when the cabin dwellers are included.

Longville is part of the Northern Minnesota's glacial plain, which was flattened by glaciers during the most recent glacial advance.

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