Ms word table of figures not updating

Are you stuck trying to create additional contents pages for the tables and figures in your document? We’ve already learned how to apply headings styles and create an automatic table of contents.But what if you’ve got figures and/or tables and you want to show those in the contents pages, too?It can be a bit fiddly, and I’ve partly written this post to give myself a reference document, too.In this article, we are going to learn the correct and easy way to do this without heartache and hideousness.In the last post I showed you how to make an outline for your thesis in Word.

What follows is a method I successfully used to prepare my dissertation. It saved me hours and hours of time, which allowed me to focus on what was important: the content.This tutorial will explain how to create and update a multi-level table of contents and a table a figures using Microsoft Word 2010.We will mark text as Heading 1 and also level 1 as well as apply captions to images. I’ll devote another article to dealing with something that’s gone wrong … Put your cursor where you want the caption to go (arrow), Click on the Insert Caption button. Remember, we want to mark a difference between tables and figures so that Word can create automatic lists.It’s often useful to provide a list of the figures and tables in your document, especially if it’s a long one, like a dissertation or thesis. They boil down to: Once you’ve done that, you’ll end up with something like this: I know what you’ve done … It doesn’t matter if you’ve already typed in all the caption names just as straight text – let’s do this the proper way and we can move those typed captions into the correct place as we go! Don’t worry if you’ve already got caption text in there at the moment: do this on a new line. You might want to copy your caption text so it’s available to paste.Preparing a thesis dissertation and grant application is an arduous task that can make or break a graduate student’s career. Instead, let MS Word handle some of the work for you.It will save you hours of time managing page numbers, figure numbers, cross-reference information, updating tables, etc.Endnote offers figure and table management in their more recent versions, but I find that it is quite difficult to use effectively.In particular, the figure legends must be typed into the Endnote library database, and there are stills some quirks with figure placement and legend format.If you have ever used Endnote to manage your references, then you know how much of a time saver it is.Perhaps when you used Endnote for the first time, you recall the relief of not needing to perform the tedious task of managing your references.

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