Pisces woman dating scorpio man

Infidelity is a sin for you [but sometimes sin also gives pleasure].There is a fear of being deserted so you would not prefer any unstable relationship.Pisces must take two steps back from a Scorpio in order to take three steps forward in their relationship.

Whether that bond is pragmatic enough to sustain a lifetime relationship, however, is open to question. He loves her spiritual depths, her imagination and her willingness to give herself up to her emotions.

The Pisces woman, in return, adores the Scorpio man.

She is fascinated by his inner power, his charisma and his fearless approach to the deepest of emotions.

Another good point for Scorpio man Pisces woman compatibility, then – so where’s the catch?

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of Scorpio man Pisces woman compatibility is the same as the most obvious attraction – their shared depth of emotions.

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