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I contacted my buddy who confirmed that was the same issue they had been having with their system and told me the only thing to do was use the PS button to quit Netflix and restart it. I quit Netflix and restarted it, found the episode I had been watching and the restart point for the episode was only a few minutes into the program.I started to fast-forward through to get back to where I had been in the episode and Netflix froze up and the buttons stopped working.We also recommend that you print this page, in the event that you encounter a problem and need to refer to these instructions.​If you are planning to use your Play Station3 with our service we recommend configuring your router.The Real-time status with any current issues will be reported below and of course please share your message along with a location when Netflix is down for you.We’d also love to know what device the service is running on, so that could be directly or through an app on i Pad, Android, Apple TV, Smart TVs, PS4, Xbox One, and many other systems.

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No, any Netflix account will work, it doesn't matter country or region you signed up in.A gaming friend of mine expressed an issue where their PS3 controller would not work sometimes when he watched Netflix.It seemed odd, but I assumed it was just his controller was going bad.Editor's Note: TV's Answer Man, aka Swanni, takes your questions regarding how to best use the latest products and services in TV technology.If you have a question about TV technology, ask TV's Answer Man by sending an e-mail to Craig, as you note, you can watch Netflix's streaming service using an app on your Play Station 3 and/or the Play Station 4. And you have to make sure the gaming console is connected to your home network, but it sounds like you've already tested that.Until last night, when I tried to watch Netflix for the first time in at least a week or more.Everything worked fine, until I settled in to watch The Walking Dead for a little while.Before you change your DNS settings to use Unblock-Us, be sure to write down the current server addresses or settings on a piece of paper.It is very important that you keep these numbers for backup purposes, in case you need to revert to them at any time.Finally, go back to the TV/Video Service setting where the Netflix icon will still be displayed. If it doesn't, I would suggest making a call to Netflix and/or PS support. Try re-setting the time and date, as I described for the PS3.Press the Netflix icon and press the X button to re-install the app. But deleting the app and re-installing it on the PS4 is a little simpler.

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