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While Alfafa's hair was part of an enduring characterization, most people hate any sort of hair anomalies that are difficult to deal with.

Cowlicks occur when hair forms a pivot that distributes the hair from a specific point around in all different directions.

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Perhaps it was the full emergence of major new voices like Chance the Rapper, Anderson .

Paak, Kaytranada, and Maren Morris into the mainstream conversation, or the continuing evolution of artists like Solange and Frank Ocean into potentially generation-defining talents.

When hair is damaged, the cuticle is forced open causing hair to become severely damaged or fried. If you feel you must shampoo every day either use gentle shampoos or dilute your shampoo to minimize the potential to dry out your strands from harsh shampoo chemicals and the water. When possible wash hair in shower or sink instead of tub (dirt residues can settle in over porous strands). Gently pat into hair to avoid rubbing or pulling damaged strands. One of the biggest causes of dull hair is shampoo that is not properly rinsed out. Phyto's Phyto Karite This is a fabulous treatment mask that contains hydrolyzed keratin that actually coats the hair.

Fried hair can also result from logging too much time in the salt water filled ocean or chlorine pools. What are the most common symptoms of fried hair: Men, women of all ages, races and ethnicities and children are all equally susceptible to fried hair. Yes, the chemicals in water can do as much damage as the shampoo ingredients. Practice Good Cleansing Consider the following good cleansing steps: A. Lightly massage scalp with finger pads and not fingernails. Just rinse hair with water, apply a rinse-out conditioner and let hair rest from shampoo stress. Only shampoo one time except in unusual circumstances (extremely dirty hair or hair that has been soiled with unusual substances). Vitamin E, a known antioxidant, will help protect hair from future stress factors such as heat, environment and related fried hair risk factors.

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