Romi klinger dating dusty ray end of month dating is the same as

Romi Marie, as she’s known professionally and on social media, has now separated from her above-mentioned husband. The timing, the sequence of events, and what they presented was not the story that I was telling.

She recently talked with GO in an exclusive interview to set the record straight (pun! For legal reasons, I’m not allowed to disclose how the story really went, but I have to clear this up about my wedding.

) on her upcoming divorce, her drinking, her impulsiveness and how she learned the hard way that being an open book is too real for a reality show. He’s just a guy who tried to love me and I’m a whole lot to fucking handle. I was just being really honest—and Romi: I am impulsive. I did not get married on the same day as Whitney and Sada on the show. Romi: I have many [lesbian] friends who would date a bisexual woman. But if the bisexual goes back to a man, then it’s suddenly not OK.

Romi: The last time people saw me on the show, I got married. I got a lot of hate just for being with someone I needed and wanted because the relationship hurt my girlfriend, Kelsey. And the people I’m with have to take a beating since I’m in the public eye. I married Dusty in Las Vegas a month before they got married. There are all these rules that dictate being within the group—but only in the way the group wants it.

Everyone judged me and that’s fine—I put myself in that situation and I understand it. I didn’t think the community could be so judgmental. We fought and we struggled; we couldn’t make it work. We both grappled with the decision to divorce, but he’s been supportive of me. I’m not the first or the only woman who slept with a man but still identified as gay. “The Real L Word” was supposed to be a place where we could tell our real stories. The show portrayed it as if I got married on the same day as Whitney. Now I’m just stepping away and getting back to being me. It’s funny, nobody had any opinions when some cast members were fucking each other over, or sleeping with multiple women.

After a wild night out with friends, Rose dutifully returns home to Natalie, her girlfriend of seven months.

All those crazy, semi-offensive, boring, gross questions you've had about lesbians and other sexy stuff? Also, feel free to submit your own questions and our illustrious team of homo-scientists will research, science fair project and attempt to hilariously & erroneously answer you. The leaves are turning, we’ve packed our bikinis away and encased ourselves in plaid and bulky sweaters once more. Let Sally and I peer into your future and reveal what is to be! You’ll finally come into a large sum of money but, in an odd turn of events you will be crushed under that giant check.

Which means it’s high time to begin your crazy desperate search for that elusive snowstorm luvah! On the way to the hospital you’ll meet a lovely young doctor but it will turn out that she’s married.

“We are good terms but didn’t work out and it’s a feeling of failing but I’m working on a new chapter now.

I am currently dating Kelsey again.”Romi is working in the restaurant industry and trying to “figure out if I want to go back to school for social work and psychology.

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