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Directed by Czech émigré Alan Vydra (a graduate from the film school of Prague and in-house director for legendary producer and sex empire founder Beate Uhse) in his usual slapdash style, the movie even manages to waste such valuable natural resources as the presence of blonde beauty Véronique Maugarski (a/k/a "Vanessa Melville", star of Claude Mulot's superior SUPREMES JOUISSANCES) who plays the lead as Véronique, spoiled niece of over-sexed septuagenarian Lord De Chamoiz, who else but Robert Leray a/k/a "Jean De Villroy" of THE PLEASURE SHOPPE fame.Seems that our heroine is more interested in playing the casinos rather than consorting with members of the opposite sex.A beautiful wheel with special effects in order to have a romantic weekendgetaways ••• 5 categories •••Hot challenge : Do what the sex roulettetells you to. Kamasutra Jackpot : See the illustrated sex positions on the screen ? Trust us, this wheel will take you to seventh heaven ••• The best sex game for adults and hotcouples •••We merged in one single app the best of everysex game available on the market. •••• The best classic Truth Or Dare app is now free on the store, prepare to play the best party game for couples.You have 3 jokers for the whole game Hot question : Answer the question by saying only the truth. Fantasy playcard : give sense to the sentence by filling in the holes and perform itwith your partner. This dare spin naughtiest than ever will blow your mind.

While certain parties are exclusive to HIV carriers, others are called "blue parties" as they offer attendees blue tablets intended to prevent the contraction of the virus, according to Spanish radio network Cadena SER.

"Weber, drunk as usual, was acting as croupier and set the table in motion.

The audience of mainly SS men sat ready round the table.

They also refer to an officer in charge of Nazi propaganda in Paris as a fetishist who held gay orgies in his chateau.

In addition, 61-year-old Admiral Conrad Albrecht would allegedly get his mistress to have anonymous sex with U-boat sailors while wearing "nothing but a transparent raincoat".

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