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Clockwise from top left: Christ Church, University Hall at Harvard University, Ray and Maria Stata Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Cambridge skyline and Charles River at night, and Cambridge City Hall) is a city in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, and is a part of the Boston metropolitan area.Situated directly north of the city of Boston, across the Charles River, it was named in honor of the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, an important center of the Puritan theology embraced by the town's founders.The Model B like the A is quite rare beast although a little easier to find then an A.Same as the A, parts supply could be a problem, the B model was basically an upgraded A, and again We say Leave this one to the experts / collectors Facts Engine Sizes - 125cc Power Output - 4.3hp Dry Weight - 70 Kg Production Dates - Feb 1950 to Nov 1951 Numbers Produced - 87,500 Colours - Green, Grey, Beige and Red Notes :- 3 speed, hand gear change by teleflex cable.Cambridge was one of the two seats of Middlesex County prior to the abolition of county government in 1997; Lowell was the other.Kendall Square in Cambridge has been called "the most innovative square mile on the planet", in reference to the high concentration of entrepreneurial start-ups and quality of innovation which have emerged in the vicinity of the square since 2010.These include the famous RSVP Platinum service, where your own Dating PA makes the first call for you and even the RSVP Gold service offers hand-selected matches, where our team of experts use the detailed picture of you we gain when we meet you, to provide matches who demonstrate a high level of compatibility with you in areas which are important for long-term relationship success.

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The original village site is in the heart of today's Harvard Square.

The marketplace where farmers brought in crops from surrounding towns to sell survives today as the small park at the corner of John F.

Parts supply, restoration, and information stems mainly from two Italian specialists.

Due to this We say Leave this one to the experts / collectors Facts Engine Sizes - 125cc Power Output - 4.3hp Dry Weight - 60 Kg Production Dates - Nov 1948 to Jan 1950 Numbers Produced - 35,014 Colours Available - Green, Blue, Beige and Red all colours were metallic Notes :- 3 speed, hand gear change by teleflex cable.

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