Updating vlc

So when I tried to update it by a cli then I found that there are few packages which are conflicting with the previously installed packages.

Attached are the screenshots to understand the issue.

When the VLC successfully got updated to then I saw there are almost 950 packages I can see for the updates to reach, when all the 950 packages got installed then at the end I saw an error which was related to the latest kernel update is pending, then I apply the update for that also but after that still my VLC is not up to date on version.

I am wondering why it's still not on the latest version.

See all new features and get it Video LAN and the VLC development team are happy to publish version 2.0 of VLC for Android today It supports network shares browsing and playback, video playlists, downloading subtitles, pop-up video view and multiwindows, the new releases of the Android operating system, and merged Android TV and Android packages. Inside LAVA, we use Jinja2 to generate configuration files for every boards that we support.

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Go to "Start" and click "All Programs." Click "Video LAN" then "VLC Media Player."Click "Help" and "Check for Updates."Click "Yes" to download the current VLC player and codec updates.For insta[...]Geoffrey Métais: Diff Util off the UI thread Diff Util steps Threading Skip queued updates Code factorization As stated in the previous post, we do process all Diff Util.Diff Result calculations in main thread to preserve adapter state consistency. Perform this install only after reading and considering the warning. There is a warning you need to read before accepting to install the PPA.This can be done easily, and quickly, right at home.From time to time, performance improvements and/or additional features or services may be made available to units that are connected to a broadband home network.Before updating the software in your player, turn the player off and then turn it back on.During the software update procedure, do not turn off the player, disconnect AC power, or press any button. You're all set — the player will check for the newest update.You can update the software by connecting the unit directly to the software update server.Before updating the software in your player, remove any disc and USB device from the player.

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