Who is zac effron dating

co-star Alexandra Daddario — he even planted a sweet kiss on her cheek!

The attractive duo walked the red carpet separately, but they couldn't keep their hands off each other during the show.

His father, Joe, pushed his children into show business early and with great force.

We don't need to get into all the rest; theose are questions for his biographer.

According to the fibbers at Hollywood Life, Efron is “secretly dating” Daddario.

The untrustworthy outlet’s highly suspect “source” then rattles off the attributes they like about each other.

For Daddario, she loves that he’s “hilarious,” “sexy,” and “smart.” Efron allegedly is attracted to the fact she’s “intelligent” and a “New Yorker.” Huh?

And the handsome actor thinks she’s “mature.” Hollywood Lies, as it’s become known, also tells its readers to watch for “some hot PDA” between the two co-stars at Sunday’s MTV Movie & TV Awards.

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