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This effectively allows you to “hide” updates like you could on Windows 7.Not sure which device driver or update Windows just installed that might be causing you problems?Double Driver is a freeware to backup Windows Drivers.Some drivers are not easily available online, and there are times when we don’t have the Driver CD and want to back up some important installed driver, this is where Double Driver helps you.It is a very simple and useful tool which not just let you check the detailed information about drivers installed on your PC, but also helps you taking backups, restore and save the chosen drivers easily.Snappy Driver Installer is a handy tool which lets you install and update the drivers on your Windows PC.

These software let you update the device drivers easily without any difficulty, and are especially helpful for those who don’t want to manually check for driver updates.Though you might think only updates from Microsoft come through this, they actually work with a huge host of third-party companies in order to distribute drivers through it too.It’s Microsoft’s aim that their customers shouldn’t have to hunt around for the drivers they need, with Windows Update being the catch-all solution to that problem.Right-click the Start button at the bottom-left corner of your screen or press Windows Key X and select Device Manager to launch the Device Manager.Locate the device whose driver you want to uninstall, right-click it, and select Uninstall.For example, if you have a laptop, all the drivers for your laptop’s hardware will be available on the manufacturer’s website — find the downloads page for your specific product model.If you build your own desktop PC, you’ll find hardware drivers for each component on each manufacturer’s website.Having proper device drivers for your devices is very important for proper functioning of a computer system as well as the attached hardware devices.Drivers are a key component of a computer system, but we often overlook them which may create various performance issues in the long run.Windows uses software called a driver to communicate with the hardware or devices that your system uses.Simply put, the driver translates the message so that the operating system will understand how to handle what it’s receiving.

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