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I wish more people would realize how amazing actor Iseya-san is... I'm so happy for seeing another "handsome" actor in Japan. He's so much more respectable than the singer-actor-model-designer-talkshowhosts who spit out half-assed works to scrape up as much money and fame as possible.While I was watching this film I was excited,laughed and enjoyed. I can't help but to shout how good actress she is from the very beginning bow to you ! I really, really hate Korean dramas and movies where woman disguise as guys, and every guy has to act as if he's ignorant that the sexy gals are males. Good luck in this movie all the actors and actresses who played OMO I really love their chemistry yoo jung is the best! And I can't stop watching this the day onwards until this day I still keep on watching it. Start watching while I was on holiday in the Far East! Iseya Yusuke has to be one of the most talented Japanese actors I have ever seen. ..from the time I saw him in Western Django I fell in love lol..then in Blindness...simply amaziinnngggg..english is definitely good..although he's a good actor..me its all about his looks..damnnnn sexxxyyyy I was ber impressed with Iseya's work on Miike's Sukiyaki Western Django. I'm a newly aquired fan, how and where can i get more of both their movies and which are worth watching?

Takashi Miike is not to be confused with director, actor and cult heavy Takeshi Kitano, although they share a taste for provocation.

Some of Shinzaemon’s band of brothers are given more prominence than others, like his gambling-addicted nephew, Shinrokuro (Takayuki Yamada), and his sturdy, fiercely loyal apprentice, Hirayama (Tsuyoshi Ihara).

There’s also scruffy oldster Sahara (Arata Furuta), who asks for payment upfront (if you mapped the cast of “Ocean’s Eleven” on this, he’d be Elliott Gould), and rangy non-samurai Koyata (Takayuki Yamada, providing comic relief), who couldn’t give a damn about honor but is up for a good scrap.

Go Ayano plays Shiratori, while other cast members include Erika Sawajiri as Shiratori’s sex worker pal, Takayuki Yamada as a rival scout and Yusuke Iseya as Shiratori’s scouting senior.

Sony will release the picture on 300 or more screens on May 30.

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